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Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program, Inc.

CAAP, Inc. provides premium behavioral health and co-occurring mental health disorder services for those that can’t afford premium costs.

CAAP, Inc. provides a wide array of services that are implemented to assist with issues that are affecting our community such as homelessness, veterans' assistance and others. Please click below to learn more about what we offer!

CAAP, Inc. has an abundance of programs that are available to combat issues such as drug use, mental illness, domestic violence, and more. We are elated to assist in the fight to make sure our community is stable and prosperous. Click below to learn more about our programs!

If you would like to donate to CAAP, Incorporated, you can now mail in your donations to the following address: 

CAAP, INC. Corporate Office

4041 Knight Arnold Rd., Suite 300

Memphis, TN. 38118

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