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Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program, Inc.

A culturally sensitive approach to behavioral health science and co-occuring mental health disorders - Established in 1989 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) program

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4023 Knight Arnold Rd., Memphis, TN 38118

Chemical dependency is a family disease.  Therefore, family involvement in the healing process is a necessity.  CAAP offers group and individual counseling that addresses family issues, concerns, and questions in order to provide an understanding of the concepts of chemical dependency and co-dependency.

The participants will achieve the commitment which will enable the recovering person to reunite with family and community.  The result will be a positive, social, and economic benefit for the total community.  Successful participants will become productive members in the mainstream of society, becoming tax payers rather than tax burdens -- contributing to society rather than taking from it.

(901) 367-7550

CAAP's co-ed Extended Residential Services provides residents with a therapeutic environment for relating to real-life issues.  There is a maximum stay of six months at this facility.  Upon entering the program, an assessment will be completed by professional personnel to aid in determining the client's level of functioning.  Each client will receive individual and group counseling with assistance in job placement, job searching skills, vocational training, and GED preparation.

Each client will be financially responsible for services rendered based upon a sliding fee scale.  No client shall be denied services due to their inability to pay.



(901) 367-7550

Danny Nicks, Program Manager