Community Corrections Service

Community Corrections

Female Residence
3835 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN, 38118
(901) 794-0915
Dorothy Bolden, Program Manager

This program is funded in part by the Tennessee Department of Probation and Parole, Division of Community Corrections.

CAAP’s mission is to provide non-violent female offenders with behavioral health and co-occuring mental health disorder services in a residential setting. We believe this will empower the offender, while reducing the probability of continued criminal behavior and increase the potential for successful re-entry into the mainstream of society.

Within twenty-four hours of admission, a behavioral psychological and social assessment will be conducted to determine the level of functionality. Within forty-eight hours an individualized treatment plan will have been developed with the utilization of the sentencing order and the offender will be assigned a case officer.

CAAP realized that often when an offender commits a crime there are multiple victims. The primary victim, society, and the offender’s family — who is usually left asking “Why?”  Thus, family involvement is a necessity.  CAAP offers group and individual counseling to address family issues and concerns.

The outcome will be a positive social and economic benefit for the total community.  The successful offenders will become productive members of society as taxpayers rather than tax burdens, thus contributing to society rather than taking from it!

Community Corrections Programs statewide have had a successful termination rate of over 50%.  Also, one year after a successful termination, less than 10% have been convicted of a new felony.

Three Phases Of The Program
(each conducted with regular and random drug screening)

0 to 120 days
120 to 150 days
150 to 365 days

Each phase involves focusing on core issues including anger management, conflict resolution, relapse prevention, parenting skills, GED preparation and job readiness.



CAAP does not conduct criminal investigations.

Staff that receives the allegation shall notify the Program Manager and the PREA Coordinator immediately or no less than 24 hours after receiving the allegation. The facility documents all allegations of abuse.

The PREA SART team will initiate and complete an in-house investigation of all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

If the investigation is suspected to be of a criminal nature the team will refer the incident promptly, thoroughly and objectively to the MEMPHIS POLICE DEPARTMENT to determine if a criminal investigation is warranted.

Third-party Reporting

Any third party reports of sexual abuse may be made via telephone: Community Corrections: 901-794-0915,  Fax: 901-566-9242, PREA Hotline: 1-800-586-9431, Email:, or in person.

2016 PREA Annual Report

CAAP, Inc. Community Corrections mandates zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

After the new Federal PREA standards were passed, CAAP Community Corrections were quick to appoint a department level PREA Coordinator to develop, implement, and oversee the agency’s efforts to comply with the PREA standards. Progress made in addressing sexual abuse and sexual harassment are:

  • PREA training for all staff, contractors and volunteers.
  • We have made revisions to our policies to better guide our staff and offenders regarding incidents of sexual abuse.
  • We have established a PREA Compliance Manager.
  • We established and implemented an external PREA Hotline to ensure multiple ways to report incidents of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
  • The agency has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Family Safety Center to provide offenders with necessary victim advocate support.

We believe that the growth that CAAP, Inc. Community Corrections Program has experienced toward PREA compliance has created a more conducive reporting environment within our confinement facility.

We are pleased to report that a review of the incident based data collected in 2015 to present reflected 0 (zero) total allegations of sexual abuse and 0 (zero) total of allegations of sexual harassment. To alleviate the blind spots that were noted by the auditor, additional monitoring will be installed.

Any investigations of sexual abuse and harassment are reviewed in accordance with 28 CFR § 115.287 to ensure the facility continues to make appropriate changes where needed.